Plants and flowers that will give your deck, patio, and pool the look and feel of an endless summer.

    • Tropicals

    • Palms


      $19.99 ea.

      Palms provide privacy and shade.

    • Hibiscus Plant

      Hibiscus Plant

      Bush $12.99 ea.
      Tree $19.99 ea.

      A full sun plant that has large beautiful flowers

    • Mandevilla with Trellis

      Mandevilla with Trellis

      $19.99 ea. includes trellis

      A tropical vine that grows on a trellis and produces red, white or pink flowers.

    • Diplodenia



      A tropical bush that produces and abundance of red, white or pink flowers.

    • Duranta

      $19.99 ea.

      A tropical plant that produces blue flowers.

    • Jasmine

      $12.99 ea.

      A tropical plant with a fragrant white flower

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