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A few pictures from the farm

Check out  some pictures from the farm
The Chrysanthemum field is huge and full of plants beginning to bloom. There are many colors and pot sizes to choose from.
9" pots $2.99 ea.
5 for $10
Table Top $1.99 ea. 3 / $5
Earth Pots $6.99 ea. 2 / $12
Window Boxes $8.99 ea. 2/$16
Coconest Baskets $9.99 ea.
Big Urns $19.99 ea. 2 / $30

Decorative Cabbage or Kale
9" pots $2.99 ea.  5 for $10

Asters, Zinnias, Marigolds, Dianthus and Montauk Daisies

There is a large selection of  Autumn decorations 
Local produce and firewood are available

nursery The nursery has a huge diverse selection of trees and shrubs at incredible prices. Since most of the trees and shrubs in Gasko's nursery were raised locally on Gasko's own farms they are acclimated to the local climate.
Choose from a large variety of shrubs for $10.99 each, 3 for $30.

Gasko's has many different flowering trees, evergreens and shaped trees to choose  from. 
Check out their prices on TREES and SHRUBS

supplies Gasko's carries a full selection of mulch, fertilizer and soil for all your plants, as well as gardening tools at great prices.
There is a huge selection of pottery, pots, coconest pots and window boxes to put your flowers in.
There is a variety of mulch is available either in bags or by bulk delivery.

Decorative red and white stone is also available

Check out their prices on PLANTING SUPPLIES AND MULCH

Gasko's Family Farm and Greenhouses
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