Pumpkins, Corn, and Hay

    • Pumpkins Corn and Hay

      Many types of pumpkins, gourds, corn, corn stalks, and hay

    • Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins

      Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins

      $5.00 each
    • Small Sugar Pumpkins

      Small Sugar Pumpkins

      $2.00 each
      3 for $5
    • Striped Sugar Pumpkins

      Striped Sugar Pumpkins

      $2.99 each
      2 for $5.00
    • Monster Pumpkins

      Monster Pumpkins

      Priced as marked
    • Hand Painted Pumpkins

      Hand Painted Pumpkins

      $3.99 each
    • Blue Bayou Pumpkins

      Blue Bayou Pumpkins

      Priced as Marked
    • White Moon Pumpkins

      White Moon Pumpkins

      $3.00 each
    • Cheese Pumpkins

      Cheese Pumpkins

      Priced as Marked
    • Orange Warted Pumpkins

      Orange Warted Pumpkins

      $6.00 each
    • Grizzly Bear Pumpkins

      Grizzly Bear Pumpkins

      $3.00 each
    • Mellow Yellow Pumpkins

      Mellow Yellow Pumpkins

      $5.00 each
    • Golden Mustard Pumpkins

      Golden Mustard Pumpkins

      $5.00 each
    • Pink Cinderella  Pumpkins

      Pink Cinderella Pumpkins

      Priced as Marked
    • Mexican Hat Pumpkins

      Mexican Hat Pumpkins

      Priced as marked
    • Goose Neck Gourds

      Goose Neck Gourds

      Priced as marked
    • Gourds


      $1.00 each
    • Indian Corn

      Indian Corn

      $3.99 a bunch
    • Corn Stalks

      Corn Stalks

      $2.99 a bundle
    • Bail of Hay

      Bail of Hay

      2 for $12.00
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