See Specials for many of the current prices.


Red, White and Pink blooms with decorative foil pot cover

6 inch pot. 5 – 7 blooms $2.99 each, 4 for $10

8 inch pot. 12 – 15 blooms $9.99 each

10 inch pot. 18 – 24 blooms $14.99 each

Large Urns $29.99 each

Christmas Trees

7 – 8 foot Cut Frasier Fir Tree $29.99

Other sizes available

Alberta Spruce Tree

3 gallon pot with Fancy Bow $12.99 each, 2 for $25

3 gallon pot with Fancy Bow and Lights $15.99 each, 2 for $30

7 gallon pot with Fancy Bow $19.99

7 gallon pot with Fancy Bow and Lights $24.99


Also potted Holly bushes, Emerald Green Arbs, and Boxwoods are available with Bow.

Decorated Wreaths

16 inch to 48 inch wreaths with many styles and colors of decorations. Prices vary.

Undecorated Double Face Wreaths

12 inch ring size $5.00

16 inch ring size $8.00

24 inch ring size $12.00

36 inch ring size $25.00

48 inch ring size $60.00

Grave Blankets

A large selection of grave blankets in different sizes and colors. Prices start at $8.99

Evergreen Decorations

A large selection of Swags, Candy Canes, Crosses, Decorated baskets, Table Centerpieces, Kissing Balls, Mail Box Huggies and more starting at $19.99

White Pine Roping

75 feet of White Pine Roping for only $19.99!

White Birch Branches

Bunch of Branches $2.99

Country Christmas Decorations and

Our Own Candles

A huge selection of seasonal decorations.

Our Own Candle Company Candles 2 for $10


Pallet of hard wood. Approximately 100 piecesĀ  or 1/4 cord. $35

Buy 3 pallets and get free dumped local delivery


Gasko’s prices subject to change. Gasko’s is not responsible for typos.

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