Trees and Shrubs

    • Nursery

      Trees and shrubs to decorate your yard. Evergreens and deciduous trees are available. An extensive selection of flowering and ornamental plants. This is only a very small list of some of the many plants that are available.

    • Large Shrubs

      Large Shrubs

      3 gallon pot $10.99 ea.
      3 for $30

      Alberta Spruce, Junipers, Barberry, Holly, Boxwood, Gold Thread Cypress, Dappled Willow and many more in 3 gallon pots

    • Emerald Green Arborvitae

      Emerald Green Arborvitae

      7 gal pot $39.99 ea.
      7 gal pot 3 for $100
      5'-6' $59.99 ea.
      5'-6' 2 for $100

      A fast growing narrow evergreen that grows well in sun to part shade. Great for a privacy fence. Available in different sizes.

    • Green Giant Arborvitae

      Green Giant Arborvitae

      7 gal $39.99 ea. 3 for $100
      15 gal $69.99

      Large fast growing evergreen with dense green foliage. Great for a screen or stand alone. Available in different sizes.

    • Leyland Cypress

      Leyland Cypress

      7 gal. $39.99
      7 gal. 3 for $100

      A fast growing evergreen tree. Great for hedges and screens.

    • Knock Out Roses

      Knock Out Roses

      3 gallon pot $14.99

      A shrub that blooms with many flowers in red, pink or white in the early summer and fall.

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